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Bredgar Village Hall
Damages & Cleanliness Deposit.

Hirers must vacate the village hall by the end of their hire period.
(The bar must close no later than 11pm Mon-Thurs, 11:30pm Frid-Sat & 10pm Sunday), and leave it in a clean and tidy condition, no less than the condition you found it. Failure to adhere to the Terms & Conditions may result in all or some of your deposit being withheld.


Collect all waste materials from both inside and outside the hall and take with you. There is limited waste space available.
All excess waste must be removed from the premises.
Remove all decorations including hanging materials, including but not limited to, tin-tacks, blu-tac & string
Note: Under no circumstances must tape of any sort be used, please find an alternative that does not leave marks.

Make sure tables & chairs are cleaned and returned to the storeroom.
Please ensure that all lights and heaters are turned off before locking the doors & leaving the hall.


All toilets must be wiped down, flushed, cleaned & checked before leaving the hall. Check that taps have been fully turned off.


All surfaces & oven (if used) need to be cleaned (not just wiped down).
Turn off water heaters, taps & clean the sink.
Sweep the floor & empty the bins.

Bar Area

All surfaces to be cleaned.
All bar equipment taken away.
Turn off water heater.
Turn off taps & leave the sink clean.
Sweep the floor & empty bins.

Main Hall

All spillages must be mopped up.
Floor to be swept.
Remove all decorations including hanging materials including but not limited to, tin-tacks, blu-tac & string. See notes in the General section.

Entrance Hall

The entrance hall must be vacuumed & cleaned.


All rubbish, from the surrounding areas including the car park, must be cleaned and taken away, this includes cigarette butts.


Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to enter the school premises, including the playing field. Bredgar Village Hall will accept no responsibility for injury to persons or damage to the school property and your contact details may be passed to the school.


Any deposit paid will be returned following satisfactory inspection of the hall.

Please note, the time you have booked includes your setting up & cleaning away time.

We hope you have enjoyed hiring Bredgar Village Hall and hope to see you again.